The 2012 Community Station Luncheon and unveiling

Thanks for coming to the station Do – hope you enjoyed it. Wasn’t the food good – well those who came earlier enough or unlike me spent too much chatting around the place!

What a great variety of interesting (50+) people are associated with the Station.

Plans are on-going for our 2013 displays!

It will be the turn of Cragg Vale School artists – and we are receiving some interesting pictures of local history.

Keep them coming – anything up to 1980s with local interest please.

 A great selection of photos of the 2012 ‘Do’ are attached.

 The following is the poetic emails between Sue and the lady in Pink. Too clever by half for me……

 Glorious in Pink

A gal with a mission


Station Bard – Jean

Dogoil – good for bones!

She moved thru the room

Resplendant in pink – our Bard

She’s done it again.

                          Station Do

 The gardening club party was a reet grand affair

Everyone who was anyone just had to be there

The mayor gave a speech, his gold chain just glistened

And Geoff praised us all, and made sure we listened

The man of the moment was dear Father John,

Tending the bar with his usual aplomb

The buffet was good, but I was really bereft

When I went for my trifle – nothing was left

Still, seeing old friends made it all worth while

The sun kept on shining and made everyone smile

The hard work’s paid off, the station’s a stunner

And will still look lovely through all of the summer

by Jean McKay

The Chairman braves the Mytholmroyd sun to welcome our special guests.
Click on a picture to see the fine details!
Off they step from our ‘beloved’ Pacer
Welcome back stationmaster Harold, and to Brian (ACoRP) Barnsley all the way from the Penistone LIne.
Brand new Deputy mayor of Hebden Royd, Cllr Karl Boggis comes to face his first public engagement.
He is off ! – and what a good start Karl made, most enjoyable.

In between bites of the delicious lunch provided by Lyn of the Shoulder of Mutton and refreshing drinks supplied by Fr John Gott and Hon. Secretary Sue – we heard how our voluntary efforts are apprecited by the wider community.

Bemused whether the red braces will keep the Hon. Chairman decent – Brian barnsley tries to explain the wider role of the Association of Community Rail Partnerships and how Mytholmroyd has fittied in to the national scene.
West Yorkshire stations are like what the Forth Bridge use to be like – non-stop attention. We are lucky to have two super chaps – John and Phil of the station contractors, ISS – who do us all proud.
No sooner have they dealt with Walsden and they are fettling the next station along the line. Mytholmroyd was very pleased to be able to give a small token of their appreciation – thanks John and Phil.

Then the highlight of the event was to see the artwork by the scholars of Scout Road Academy – and the artists themselves.

The artwork has been coordinated by local artist Annie Lawson, a generous grant from the Association of Community Rail Partnerships made the 2012 exhibition possible. The displays themselves are a the result of a landfill grant from the Green Business Network – our extended partnership of community groups.


The artistic talent we see here will have the present super-stars of the art world shaking in their designer boots – world poetry in yesteryears what does the future hold for these youngsters?


We attract all sorts of folk to our Annual Community Station lunches. They were all welcome and proved very interesting people to meet and know.
At one of the banner is ‘our’ Stuart Greenwood and hold the string at the other end is ‘our’ new Deputy Mayor, Karl. Then we have Perri Webster, tutor at Calderdale College and some of her Landscaping students who are helping the station prepare for 2012 Yorkshire in Bloom.

Water, water everywhere – apart from our station!

A week might be long time in politics – but a month at our station is hard to beat!

We (the platform tubs) were desperate for water only a few weeks ago – as soon as we got the watering gear, down came the Pennine monsoon……

Another gem from our Station Bard, Jean

Typical Mytholmroyd Monsoon weather during our Spring Clean....

All winter long, down comes the rain

It gets on our nerves and just runs down the drain

But when we put in our beautiful flowers

We have had to toil for hours and hours

Carrying buckets of water up that there slope

And wishing for rain,but without much hope

The forecast is sunny, the poor flowers must suffer

Lets hope that next week the weather gets rougher

A few handy downpours would suit us just fine

And we hope for a few days the sun doesn’t shine

This highlights the problem we have with this global-warming – no water supply on the station and our buckets are empty……

Poor Jean the Poetess - no water for tea !

They come from afar…

During one of our recent Friday Dig-in sessions, a stranger just happened to drop by on his way from ‘uddersfield to the steam trains at ‘aworth.

Ian mucked in – but with a trusted family trowel, which disappeared under the flowers and plants – then along comes our Station Bard –

A new man called Ian came by

he was willing to give it a try

He worked like a navvy its true

But caused quite a bit of a do

People all disappeared in a rush

Had his fork gone under a bush?

But no! on a day trip from York

Sharp eyed Sue had spotted his fork

We all breathed a sigh of relief

Our anxiety was ever so brief

The panic was over

We’re all now in clover

Lets cheer for our deputy commander in chief.

From our own Station Bard, Jean (centre below)


Ian – re-united with his fork and ready for those weeds once again.

You do not have to bring your own tools – Hebden Royd Town Council kindly assisted us to start-up with trowels etc.

Just turn up at 13.30hrs on the second and fourth Friday of the month – we would love to see you.

They even come in off the trains in droves to help us make the station look great…

Even all the way from the States – via Chesterfield and ‘alifax.

Thanks to Judith and her colleagues – there will be some extra colour this year (slugs permitting).

County Colours

The Yorkshire in Bloom Judge last year asked if we had a colour scheme on the station.

Our intrepid group spend quite a bit of time debating whether a plant is weed or not – so colours schemes flummoxed us.

Our Station Manager, Matt Gibson, suggested Red and White for the respective counties on this former main line of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

So, we have Red for the Manchester-bound platform and Whites for the Leeds platform.

we all slaved for hours and hours

Now the station is bedecked with flowers

The Upline is red

The Downline is white

Oh what a really glorious sight

The others worked hard except for me

I left early for a cup of hot tea.

Station Bard – Jean