Graffiti – You can help!

You CAN Help!

Thanks to all concerned for helping with the investigation that led to the arrest of

the suspect responsible for the HOAX tag last year.

Shows a community effort can bring results

Please let us know if you see any graffiti or anything else within the public areas that could offend or put at risk stations users.

You can Help!

 If you encounter any problems at our station (or on the rail network) –

phone 0800 40 50 40 – BTP Control Room

Please remember, it is all about how we can help them – to help us.

For emergencies – please continue to ring 999

Please do not hesitate to phone if you see or experience any problems at Mytholmroyd station or on the Caldervale line. 

If we do not help in this way, the authorities will not be aware of any problems that are upsetting the lcoal community.

We have had a super response from the Police forces and the railway management. It is up to us to continue to help them to keep the station and the railway as safe as possible.

Some Courts know how to deal with these people who cause criminal damage –

Interesting to note their ages – not teenagers.