Trip out – 2014

After all the hard work associated with that Cycling event – not to mention preparing for the Yorkshire in Bloom judging – we decided to have a trip on the train.

With thanks to Pete Myers and all at Northern Rail – we had a great day at York and the Rail Museum.

Here we are being lectured by Cap-on-Head, Tongue-in-Cheek Chairman Geoff  – of not pulling the wrong chain in the  train toilets etc etc.

Followed by all the weary travellers return in the evening – thanks Pete.

Photo by John Truscott
Photo by John Truscott







photo John Truscott
photo John Truscott







Then trip or no trip – you cannot keep a man away from his siesta    !!!!!!! 

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Early paddle off North Pier?

Did you know?

Mytholmroyd  now has an early morning stop on the  06.43 to Blackpool North.

Ten minutes walk down to the beach, quick paddle then breakfast at our favourite spot near the Tower.49 004 2009 November 11, 2009 1004-2

All before 9am!

This new stop is also useful for those working and studying at Burnley, Blackburn and Preston.

There are connections at Preston to Lancaster, Lake District and Scotland.

Or a Sarnie on Striding Edge – Preston to Windermere train then No 555 bus…..

Jolly to Ribblehead

Gathering of the clan before the trek back to the Inn - Photo by Joan Glover

With thanks to Drew Haley and all at Northern Rail our intrepid band of travellers braved the British summer to venture into the mountain air at Ribblehead.

Some (young un’s Shirley & George)  went up onto the slopes of Whernside whilst most of us went as far as the viaduct to make sure the mortar was still intact.

We all (more or less) got back to the Station Inn for an excellent lunch before the normal Pennine arrived – but the rain did not dampen our day out.

Who would buy a second-hand train from these three? Photo by Joan Glover

Photos by Joan Glover and Geoff Mitchell

More of less the full expeditionary team
'eh up, a Carlisle to Leeds train - ours is in two hours so best get to t'pub now'

You never know where it might get you when you join our group

Yes, we have made a big difference to our village railway station over the last two year.

We might be a little biased, but this Summer our platform flower tubs have probably been the best for miles around.

There are things other than gardening to do in the Station Partnership – admin work,  designing a Website just for starters.

We have plans for the village station for 2010 – watch this space, even better – come and join in, it can be fun and the group is a great bunch of local folk.

Thanks to the crew that planted the Winter tubs on Sat 10 Oct – and thanks to Jason for his advice, duly put on the back of an envelope and read out to the ‘troops’, just like Munich 1938!!!!! 

Interested? Monthly Dig-in for an hour started at 13.30 on second Fridays. Monthly meeting on second Tuesdays at the Church of the Good Shepherd starting at 19.30.

Most gardening sessions this year have been in torrential rain – our group trip to Blackpool was no different!

49 myt - 0020585 -  November 07, 2009



The happy crowd – before venturing out of the

      station into the Monsoon weather.




And now for some super photos by John Truscott

004 2009

 Do not fancy a paddle in this!     003 2009



001 2009

    nevertheless, Jane still had to go for the icecreams!





And so to the Lights

005 2009

006 2009

007 2009

009 2009

008 2009



You WILL enjoy yourself!!!!!




And, so back to the ‘reality’ world of Hebden Bridge…………..

011 2009

014 2009










A Trip to Clitheroe in the summer – when, for once it did not rain (all the time).

49 myt -0018628-July 09, 2009 001

You never know where it mught get you!

Muck, Steam and Brass

Station adoption work can be fun – but it can be hard work!

First of all, there is the opportunity to meet new friends from the village – people you probably have seen for years and never realised what interesting people they are.

Then there are the trips arranged by Northern Rail to show appreciation for our improvement work.

Last summer our next generation of volunteers went to Morecambe on a Stakeholders’ Special.


Last month, some of the ‘cultured’ ones went to a concert in the train depot in Manchester.

Pictures are here:-


We have further trips in mind for our volunteers after the Yorkshire in Bloom judging.

So, it can be hard work – but it can also be fun – why not come and join us?

You never know where you might end up!

Further information on our work meetings and events can be found by scrolling down.

If you are not into physical gardening/construction-type work – but more into background admin work then you might phone me on 885154 – there is lots to do – particularly fund-raising for the community projects the Mytholmroyd Station Partnership has become known for nationally.

It has to be pointed out the the Station Partnership is NOT an ‘Action’ or campaign group – we simply work with Northern and Network Rail to improve our village railway station. We have an excellent relationship with managements of the public transport undertakings, and discuss any problems affecting our volunteers and Mytholmroyd.

Most of our meetings do not even mention trains – we have so many other projects to plan and implement.

Geoff Mitchell