You never know where it might get you when you join our group

Yes, we have made a big difference to our village railway station over the last two year.

We might be a little biased, but this Summer our platform flower tubs have probably been the best for miles around.

There are things other than gardening to do in the Station Partnership – admin work,  designing a Website just for starters.

We have plans for the village station for 2010 – watch this space, even better – come and join in, it can be fun and the group is a great bunch of local folk.

Thanks to the crew that planted the Winter tubs on Sat 10 Oct – and thanks to Jason for his advice, duly put on the back of an envelope and read out to the ‘troops’, just like Munich 1938!!!!! 

Interested? Monthly Dig-in for an hour started at 13.30 on second Fridays. Monthly meeting on second Tuesdays at the Church of the Good Shepherd starting at 19.30.

Most gardening sessions this year have been in torrential rain – our group trip to Blackpool was no different!

49 myt - 0020585 -  November 07, 2009



The happy crowd – before venturing out of the

      station into the Monsoon weather.




And now for some super photos by John Truscott

004 2009

 Do not fancy a paddle in this!     003 2009



001 2009

    nevertheless, Jane still had to go for the icecreams!





And so to the Lights

005 2009

006 2009

007 2009

009 2009

008 2009



You WILL enjoy yourself!!!!!




And, so back to the ‘reality’ world of Hebden Bridge…………..

011 2009

014 2009










A Trip to Clitheroe in the summer – when, for once it did not rain (all the time).

49 myt -0018628-July 09, 2009 001

You never know where it mught get you!

London bound?

Good news for London-bound passengers who do not like going via Leeds or Manchester.

The following times have been decided by Network Rail – watch out for when they start in 2010.

East Coast Main Line SLC2 Timetable

Issued 16th October 2009


Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd Registered Office 40 Melton Street, London NW1 2EE Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587

Doc # 360246.01

4.5.3 The Grand Northern Bradford paths are shown in the table below.

                                       1A59      1A63      1A67

Bradford                    06.30     10.22     15.46

Kings Cross                09.51    13.45     19.08

                                                   1D71      1D73      1D75

                Kings Cross            10.48    14.48     19.48

                Bradford                13.53       17.53     22.57

 4.5.4 Northern Rail Selby – Wakefield Westgate service flexed on the

hours when Grand Northern operates between Bradford and Halifax with no extension to journey times.

There should be the opportunity to make a comfortable connection into the first  departure to London off the 06.20 departure from t’Royd. Likewise, if on time, the last train should connect with the 23.00 from Halifax to t’Royd.

Then there is the interesting  journey round Pontefract, Knottingley and the Askern branch line to Doncaster and the East Coast Main Line to London.

Great to have a new trip opportunity, let us hope it is successful.

However, competitors Stagecoach have introduced a service from Halifax to London

This could have a serious affect on the proposed train service, especially as a return fare can be less than £10 and the overall journey time will not be much more.