Route 66 and Permissive Path to Brearley

Brearley Bridge is now open for all users to enjoy the shared path down the valley.

The station approach ramp is for pedestrians only – cyclists should dismount especially when there are other people there.

The station ramp comes under railway bye-laws and there are sufficient notices explaining the position.

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We have suggested to the cycling fraternity that this would be a good opportunity for the cycle route to be diverted away from the station approach.

Consult with your cycling and community groups with practical ideas.


t’Natives are getting restless ….

A few years ago we asked Network Rail the owners of the Access Road if they could make things easier for the less mobile folk who use Mytholmroyd as it is the step-free station in the upper valley.

Network Rail resurfaced two dropping-off points and made improvements along their road.

The road (whilst not a car park) is again causing concern for local rail users.

One solution to damaging sumps etc
One solution to damaging sumps etc

We have requested Network Rail to divert a truckload of tarmac before the locals find some Trident missiles.

And so…..

A truck and gang arrived and the potholes were levelled out – no sign of the tarmac lorry, perhaps it is too hot here for next 3 or 4 years.

Well done Network Rail – Thank you.





Red Tape ? NO – Safety comes First !

Sometimes we wonder why we have to do things a certain way, or cannot undertake a project the way we planned.

Whilst they may seem onerous, most railway rules originate from the lessons learnt from previous accident/incidents.

Basically, if a human is involved it will be screwed up somehow and sometime even if it for seemingly good reasons – getting the job done, or not bothering other folk etc etc etc.

The following is a timely reminder that working near the tracks has to be taken seriously at all times – complacency can be fatal.

110724 safety_Bulletin (Seaburn) 02-2011