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Amber’s granny’s good…

Our very first card was created by Amber – and this one is from Carena, Amber’s granny!

Talented family, obviously. Thank you both, I’m really enjoying this part of the project.


160521 card carena


It has been quite a week….

160521 card 3

I so enjoyed meeting up with the Mytholmroyd Cubs on Tuesday evening, they are a lively, lovely bunch of youngsters who turned out to be a talented group of budding artists.

I’ve picked out a few cards for publication, just to whet your appetites – you are most welcome to come and see them all for yourselves over the special weekend of the 11th and 12th of June celebrating our Queen’s 90th birthday

They’ll be on Manchester side embankment! Together with other different things to enjoy…

160521 card cubduo


The merry month of May’s a cracker!

Monday and Tuesday of next week look to be a settling in period of ‘card production’.

I visit Calder High School on Monday; our Burnley Road students have been re-sited

there temporarily after the floods of Boxing Day zapped their own school. I’m not sure what to expect, but Mr Theaker has been very welcoming!

The following day, its the Mytholmroyd Cubs Group – I’m to meet twenty youngsters all anxious to do their best – dib -dib-dip.

That’s probably an old-fashioned form of greeting now, so apologies to my young artists. Put me right on Tuesday!

Who’s Crackers?  Me!


and here is the next card –

by Sue Norton20160504_172243_resized susie na  star-spangled fire-working creation!  Thank you Sue (best neighbour in the world)


Before the next card goes in, an explanation of what it’s all about..


As some people may know 2016 is the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth! The railway industry is celebrating this event nationally over the weekend 11th and 12th of June – there are many activities going on- street parties, races, games at many of the rail stations throughout Britain.

Mytholmroyd Station’s layout does not lend itself to such events, but we want to be in ‘the party’. So, we have thought that getting as many members of our local community to design and create a card for Her Majesty is a good way to go; these cards, all 90 of them will be displayed on and around the garden embankments. Quite a task – for our chief ‘engineer’ George, who will be putting them up, together with the installation various papier-mache figures reflecting our ‘Welcome to Mytholmroyd’ board. I don’t think he knows yet what is install for him – he’s on holiday at the moment!

Should had it after the event, not before! Bad timing. So keep watching this space….


Who’s card’s going to be next…..


The Marmaladies are getting to grips with their artwork- as these cards will be on display out in the open, they need to be weather-proof (rain proof) –  and having seen some of the varied artworks they’ve created we look forward to their treatment of their cards!



The first Birthday Card for Station to Station

This is from Amber, aged three and a half – aided by Grandma Carena!

It’s lovely! Thank you Amber and Carena…

three and half copy