About the the Station Partnership

We are a friendly bunch of local folk – who meet to a couple of times a month to keep the village railway station looking tidy.

We do not know much about gardening, but have a good try – sometimes spending a lot of time deciding whether a plant should be left – or is a weed!!!!!

Very few of the group are rail enthusiasts and we generally do not get involved with trains or train service issues unless the Train Operating Company wish to consult.

We are principally a Community Railway Station – we associate with local residents, business, schools and groups.

In 2016 we shall be celebrating our tenth year!

We are planning a joint production between the local businesses and industry and our three Junior and one Senior school.

Ideas, suggestions and help would be appreciated.

We will gladly give a short talk and slide presentation about our improvement work and our aspirations for the future of Mytholmroyd station

We enjoy each other’s banter and company.

You are most welcome to come and join us.

Contact Geoff on (01422) 885154

or email :-


2 thoughts on “About the the Station Partnership

  1. Sean Morris

    Geoff – this morning the 8.14 train was announced as being on time but never arrived with no tannoy announcement. And now the 8.39 train has been cancelled due to a train fault. And now the 8.14 train has just arrived at 8.30 with no announcement. So 15 passengers has left the station thinking there would be no train till 9.14! Disgusting service!

    1. Station Hub Mytholmroyd

      Morning Sean

      Looks to have been quite a morning for westbounds around 8-9am this morning.

      I checked the departure screens (http://nr.tellan.co.uk/departure/MYT/kiosk/black?lookaheadtime=90Works) around 8am and apart from the usual culprit (09.14 to Leeds) all were on time.

      Your message suggests the screens on the station were the same.

      However, the York to Preston was delayed at Halifax before it struggled up to Hebden where it failed on Platform 1.

      Your 08.14 was delayed from Sowerby Bridge waiting the above train to clear the section – which it did about 08.20. MYT depart at 08.29.

      The 08.39 got as far as Bradford before it too failed and terminated there at about 08.20.

      These things happen and we do not usually get involved with train running issues – we suggest people get in touch with the Northern Customer Relation Department.

      The area we do get involved with is the quality of information – both Customer Information Screens and Public Announcements.

      The CIS on Platform 1 on Sundays has been causing concern and has been reported to Northern Faults.

      Until the new signalling is commissioned, the CIS system has no record of train movements between Milner Royd Junction (Sowerby Bridge) and Hebden – so would have been showing On Time at MYT beyond the booked departure time.

      The PA system has had no problems reported and it is disappointing that it was not used for the benefit of passengers on this occasion – just keeping you informed of the above problems.

      Perhaps you can address this in your email to Northern.


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