Red Tape ? NO – Safety comes First !

Sometimes we wonder why we have to do things a certain way, or cannot undertake a project the way we planned.

Whilst they may seem onerous, most railway rules originate from the lessons learnt from previous accident/incidents.

Basically, if a human is involved it will be screwed up somehow and sometime even if it for seemingly good reasons – getting the job done, or not bothering other folk etc etc etc.

The following is a timely reminder that working near the tracks has to be taken seriously at all times – complacency can be fatal.

110724 safety_Bulletin (Seaburn) 02-2011

09.03 ‘Royd to Leeds

This train which is the 08.22 from Manchester has had a bad reputation for running late nearly every day.

This is formed off the 06.37 from Leeds to Manchester due 08.14.

Due to congestion between the Depot and Leeds in the morning, the train often had a late start.

This is aggrevated in the Greater Manchester area by delays trying to accomodate the crowds of commuters displaced due to the closure of the Oldham Loop.

Following representations from Partnership members who used the 09.03, we contacted our friends at Northern Rail.

The Northern Rail timetable team have rectified part of the problem – and we are monitoring the timekeeping during February before making any further representations.

There has now been a general improvement in the timekeeping of this train – it even arrived in Leeds 7 minutes early on one day.