Station Building – Trustees

Monday 5 MayFollowing a very useful meeting with the managers from Network Rail (the owners of the building) – we now need to establish a formal organisation within a legal framework.

Fr Gott has been working on a Draft Constitution for a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

We plan to have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 9 Trustees.

They will not have any fixed Term – but will have flexibility according to their special skills and experience.

We are looking for local experts in Fund-raising, marketing and  IT matters.

Exciting possibility for the local community

Friday 13 December

The Station Partnership have frequently been asked what is happening to the old building?

We started general enquiries about a ‘simple’ renovation and  the formation of a  Building Restoration Trust run entirely for the local community by the community.

Our Plan has been well received by the Railway and District Council.

It will be a big project and will need lots of finance and expertise.

There are Capital Grants out there and there are lots of offers to help from around the country for a social enterprise that we envisage here at Mytholmroyd.

Here is an opportunity  for the local community of Mytholmroyd and surround area  to take control of the disused building at Mytholmroyd railway station that has dominated the streetscape for decades.

It is highly unlikely that the building will ever be used by the railways again – and they have indicated that there should no need to access via  the narrow platform other than in emergency. It will therefore  no longer be a station building – but a community amenity.

 Our initial thoughts are for a mix of private Artist studios/Start-up offices on the First and Second floors and general community use areas on the ground floor..

This is not set-in-stone – but is the basis on which a community enterprise can research and produce a Plan which is acceptable to the various agencies and  local people.

At this stage we are seeking active interest from artistic and community groups together with individuals who might have a use for some the space within the building.

 We are not seeking to formulate plans/use for the building at this stage – but hope to create a Steering Group from the local community that will become a Building Restoration Trust.

The Steering Group will decide the format of the incorporated compant/trust that will be best suitable for this project.

  Some points to consider;

  1. 1.           Calderdale Council have made a preliminary assessment of the plans and (without prejudice) report few problems envisaged.

  2. 2.          Any significant alterations/additions to the Plan outlined here will require a fresh submission to the Railway and Council authorities. Both the capital and annual costs required will need to be re-assessed together with any additional revenue required to cover the plan changes.

  3. 3.          There may be some Grants for the building survey should there be enough local interest to proceed with the project.

  4. 4.          The owners, Network Rail (NR) have a special lease for community groups. Other groups/organisations will not be permitted to apply for individual lets on the back of a community initiative.

  5. 5.          Network Rail will require all work to be undertaken to their specification and with approved contractors.

  6.               Once an active group is formed from the local community, it will be possible to apply for the necessary Capital Grants that are available and which other railway/stations around the country have offered to help with.

  7. So, it is now up the Mytholmroyd community if they want to see their station building back in use.

 The following PDF gives further details of the Plan.

131130 station building proposals blog

 Further details from –

Further details via this email address or Tel 885154

Preparing to greet the multitude on July 6th

In addition to working to improve the station building, car park (questionnaire is below these photos – thanks) and gardens – Hon. Secretary Sue has been preparing for artwork to be displayed to greet visitors to that cycling event.

Thanks to Northern Rail Matt, Deputy Chairman George display boards were available at the Spring Fayre organised by Fr Gott and his Church of the Good Shepherd. Thanks also to Calderdale Small Grants for their support.

These photos show how local artists will be showing their skills in the coming months.

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