Mytholmroyd – Response to the 2016 Franchise consultation

The franchise to run the local services in the North of England is due to be announced in the next few months.

The Consultation Paper is below and comments are welcome up until August 18th.

The preferred bidders announced in August are



Northern  –


The following PDF is the comments we have given —-

140810 questions and aspirations from Mytholmroyd

Early paddle off North Pier?

Did you know?

Mytholmroyd  now has an early morning stop on the  06.43 to Blackpool North.

Ten minutes walk down to the beach, quick paddle then breakfast at our favourite spot near the Tower.49 004 2009 November 11, 2009 1004-2

All before 9am!

This new stop is also useful for those working and studying at Burnley, Blackburn and Preston.

There are connections at Preston to Lancaster, Lake District and Scotland.

Or a Sarnie on Striding Edge – Preston to Windermere train then No 555 bus…..

Severe delays & Disruptions

Following representations from the Station Partnership and other users of the Caldervale rail services, Northern Rail have introduced –

Northern Rail 16 Nov 2012

arrangements have recently been put in place in the event of cancellation or serious delays to the stopping services on the Calder Valley:

East Bound Direction

In the event of a full cancellation of a stopping service from Manchester Victoria the next express service to be issued with stop orders for stations to cover vice the cancelled service.

In the event of late running & the decision has been taken to divert a stopping service via Elland for service recovery reasons or a mechanical fault the following will apply.

Passengers for Halifax, Bradford, New Pudsey & Bramley to be detrained at Hebden Bridge.

The following Express service to be given SSO`s for Mytholmroyd, Sowerby Bridge and possibly Bramley.

West Bound Direction

In the event of the full cancellation of a stopping service from Leeds to Manchester Victoria the next express service to be given SSO’s vice the cancelled service.

In the event of a stopping service being delayed or held to follow the Blackpool service ex Bradford thus severing the connection at Hebden Bridge, then the Blackpool service to be issued with SSO`s for Sowerby Bridge & Mytholmroyd.

In all events up to date messaging must be sent to journey check via the Tyrell system, Long Line PA and CIS must also be kept live and up to date. These arrangements will be followed throughout all times of the day.


The intention is to ensure consistency over the route, and to respond to feedback from customers and local user groups that Customers were missing connections at Hebden Bridge for stations to Preston when the express Blackpool service has been allowed to run ahead of the booked Victoria stopping service thus severing an important booked connection.

Associated Risks

In the event of the Express services making all the stops of the stopping services, this will delay them by a minimum of 18 minutes prior to Leeds and may be further regulated into & out of Leeds. There could be the subsequent loss of path to Selby for those services continuing further east. It should be noted that there may be particular circumstances on the Calder Valley, when adhering to these arrangements may exacerbate delays being incurred and so these arrangements are not implement. However the ‘default’ position is that the Special stop orders will be issued unless there are compelling reasons not to.

Northern Rail  message ends

Temporary timetable due to blockage on the Huddersfield line

Modernisation is taking place at Stalybridge that will result in some of the trains coming from the former LNW line to ‘our’ L&Y Calder Valley route.

This will mean the xx.05 service to Manchester Victoria will be terminating at Hebden Bridge.

Likewise, the xx.44 train to Leeds via dewsbury is retimed.

Look at the following for details of the temporary timetable.

09.03 ‘Royd to Leeds

This train which is the 08.22 from Manchester has had a bad reputation for running late nearly every day.

This is formed off the 06.37 from Leeds to Manchester due 08.14.

Due to congestion between the Depot and Leeds in the morning, the train often had a late start.

This is aggrevated in the Greater Manchester area by delays trying to accomodate the crowds of commuters displaced due to the closure of the Oldham Loop.

Following representations from Partnership members who used the 09.03, we contacted our friends at Northern Rail.

The Northern Rail timetable team have rectified part of the problem – and we are monitoring the timekeeping during February before making any further representations.

There has now been a general improvement in the timekeeping of this train – it even arrived in Leeds 7 minutes early on one day.

Train Running Notices

Normally the Station Partnership does not get involved with trains or the running of them.

Since the last item on trains, there have been a number of changes. 

First the bad news 

The phone number given to call if a train that wa booked to stop at MYT was cancelled etc – is no longer operative.

 0113 235 5050 – not in use!!! 

The only recourse is to try and use the Northern Rail Customer service number on 

Tel: 0845 000 0125
Fax: 0113 247 9059

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday 0800 – 2000
Sunday 0900 – 1700   The trouble is it is not open all the time, and experience has shown that they do not usually have the authority to make Special Stop Orders for the semi-fast trains passing through the Calder Valley.

Usually the only practical train that can be requested to stop specially at Mytholmroyd is the xx.19 departure from Hebden Bridge Semi-Fast to Halifax, Bradford and Leeds – if the xx.03 departure from Mytholmroyd is cancelled.

The Northern Controllers have granted our requests during the recent bad weather – BUT, they must have plenty of notice.

Use the Internet or your Phone to ascertain the running of the xx.21 stopper from Manchester Victoria to Leeds – xx.03 from Mytholmroyd.

If it is Cancelled – do not hesitate – phone Northern and request a Special Stop Order to issued for the xx.48 off Manchester and xx19 from Hebden Bridge.

Best of Luck ! 

The other bad news is the National Rail Enquiry system has been re-designed by IT experts who obviously do not need to use the system or the trains.

It is a pathetic example of the so-called ‘market’ looking after the customers. 

It is the season of leaves on the track and the National Rail real-time information system cannot cope with the real-time delays.

The Web, the Text and the Phone enquiry service is not giving accurate information when there are delays – it shows trains as having left Mytholmroyd when they are still waiting at the junction at Todmorden!  

The National Rail website also shows the replacement buses going from the station approach road – they have used the bus-stops by the Dusty Miller for the last year!

 The good news is – that our own Northern Rail has a super and fast system of finding out how your train is running from any station in the counrty.

if you click on the starting station (ie Manchester or Leeds) you can see how the train is progressing up to Mytholmroyd etc. Hope this will be of use and your delays will be little ‘uns. The track/leaves treatment train was out scrubbing the line on Wednesday night – so fingers crossed………

Train Regulation at Bradford

From time to time we have received complaints about the ‘Stopping’ service being held at Bradford in order that the following semi-fast might go first.

There is no easy answer to this – especially for the York to Blackpool which has to fit in with other services at Preston.

If you experience problems with this arrangement from Bradford, you might email us at