How our Garden grows……..

First of all, thanks for the kind comments on the station garden and the station generally.

Train operator Northern Rail and their contractor have made a huge difference with the station cleaning. We have ISS staff John and Phil visiting three time a week – and what a difference!

The Station Partnership volunteers have done a superb job with the platform tubs and the approach paths.

If this Autumn you have any Perennials  you were going to throw out – we could be very interested in them to make even more colour next year.

Please contact Sue or Geoff on 885154

Engineeering work on the Line

Watch out – it is rail engineering season!

It is always adviseable to check especially before you travel at weekends.

 Details for all engineering work on Calder Valley

are on  the Metro Planned Disruptions web page at:

There may have been some late changes – so keep a check on it!

When buses are required to replace our trains,

The replacement bus stops at the Dusty Miller

Car Parking

We have been waiting for years – re-surfacing of the station approach road is in sight.

Whilst we do not have an official car park at the station, the approach road has been very useful for those with mobility problems. 


Mytholmroyd is the only station in the Upper Calder valley that is practical for step-free access between parked cars/taxis and the station platforms.







The Station Partnership members reported more wheelchair-users coming from Todmorden (and beyond) to gain access to the trains here at t’Royd.


A word with our nice friends at Network Rail – and Bob’s (not his name) the Contractor was here within a couple of weeks…. 

  Goodbye – to those sump-wrecking cobble-stones……

Good job they were not Listed Buildings! 

  Right Lads ! 

 Smooth as a ……..

  station approach road !!!!!!

So, at last……

From this…….


        To this









 Thanks Neil and Network Rail – 

 Workington new station in one week

 Mytholmroyd new road in two weeks.