Water, water everywhere – apart from our station!

A week might be long time in politics – but a month at our station is hard to beat!

We (the platform tubs) were desperate for water only a few weeks ago – as soon as we got the watering gear, down came the Pennine monsoon……

Another gem from our Station Bard, Jean

Typical Mytholmroyd Monsoon weather during our Spring Clean....

All winter long, down comes the rain

It gets on our nerves and just runs down the drain

But when we put in our beautiful flowers

We have had to toil for hours and hours

Carrying buckets of water up that there slope

And wishing for rain,but without much hope

The forecast is sunny, the poor flowers must suffer

Lets hope that next week the weather gets rougher

A few handy downpours would suit us just fine

And we hope for a few days the sun doesn’t shine

This highlights the problem we have with this global-warming – no water supply on the station and our buckets are empty……

Poor Jean the Poetess - no water for tea !