Where is your train? As some of the regular rail users know – Monday 5 June evening rush hour was not that rushed this week due to an obstruction on the line near Brearley. The following note received from Network Rail in connection with other works they have around here – PLUS some useful Apps and websites dealing with Real Live Train Times. If you know of any other sites, please let us all know. Ta Dear Geoff …. I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with an update on the event which happened yesterday in the Mytholmroyd area. You are probably aware that at around 15.00 yesterday (Monday) a Northern service operating between Manchester Victoria and Leeds struck a tree which had uprooted in Mytholmroyd. As a result, the train was damaged and unable to continue its journey, meaning the line was blocked for the rest of day. Engineers worked throughout the evening and overnight to clear the line to allow services to resume this morning/the following day (Tuesday). None of the 40 passengers on board the damaged train were injured, and all were safety evacuated onto another train. It is believed that high winds caused the tree to fall and block the tracks. We thank all those disrupted by the incident for their patience. I have attached a couple of images too. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards Sarah http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/planjourney/search http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/today.aspx https://www.northernrailway.co.uk/travel/free-mobile-app https://www.northernrailway.co.uk/travel/live-service-disruuptions http://www.journeycheck.com/northern/ http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/ldbboard/dep/MYT


Station Building – January 2017

It seems decades since we had a series of meetings about the station building – attended by over sixty local residents with an interest in the derelict station building.

Excellent presentations by community rail experts Paul Salveson and Brian Barnsley and a truly inspirational description of the value of the building and structure by our own conservation expert, Sheena Campbell.

So much hope and enthusiasm followed, with Gilly giving sessions on facilitation and brain storming ideas.

A lot has been happening since then, but until recently not a lot of definitive news to report about the station building.

Since the new train operating company Arriva Trains (Northern Rail) started last April, things have been moving. Details below-

The owners, Network Rail is planning to renovate the building.

A solicitor has been asked to draw up an application to the Charity Commissioner for the Station Group to be registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation – to be known as The Station Building, Mytholmroyd CIO.

Then we can commission an independent Feasibility Study to ascertain the demand for a Community Hub in the building – kindly funded by Northern Rail and Hebden Royd Town Council.

If the Study establishes that there is a demand from the local community and a viable Business Plan can be made Northern Rail plan to assist with refurnishing the renovated building.

We hope as many people as possible will be able to contribute to this exciting development in the village.

Further information will be given when the Feasibility consultant. is appointed.

Further details –


“Singalongtheline” – fabulous!

2016’s Singalongtheline event has been even better this year – with more than fifty guests enjoying the experience of traveling to Sowerby Bridge and back – a little different from the usual commute in that over thirty of them were pupils from our three primary schools here in Mytholmroyd.

The children, from Burnley Road, Cragg Road and Scout Road school choirs joined together to sing for their supper, as it were. Bemused passengers looked on, smiled and applauded these lovely youngsters for their efforts.

The group were extremely well organised, and behaved impeccably on the platforms with regard to safety issues; the railway station is a safe environment as long as we remember that trains can’t swerve, or slow down quickly..

At Sowerby Bridge – who should be waiting to escort the happy band – but Father Christmas!

He smiled and waved and led us all into the ‘Jubilee Rooms’ to be greeted with warmth and applause, and ‘pop’ by Andrew and Chris  Wright and friends before the children settled in to create a wave of happy singing as they waited for Santa to chat to each of them (and to receive a gift)

Then back on the train to ‘Royd – where parents and friends were waiting to collect them in the welcoming warmth of the Shoulder of Mutton. More music, excitement, mince pies, laughter and love.

The whole event lasted over three hours – but took much longer to organise – so it’s thanks to Northern’s Paul Barnfield and his management staff who funded and supported our event, the Mayor of HRTC , Cllr Tony Hodgins and Hazel Scrivens his Consort, our Deputy Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire Chris Harris – with Joseph, to the Head teachers and children of our schools, to Santa (unnamed as we will want to use him again! Be warned) The shoulder of Mutton, The Jubilee Rooms – and of course the Station Partnership members who all enjoyed the pie and pea supper afterwards

All pictures by Paul Bigland.