Preparing to greet the multitude on July 6th

In addition to working to improve the station building, car park (questionnaire is below these photos – thanks) and gardens – Hon. Secretary Sue has been preparing for artwork to be displayed to greet visitors to that cycling event.

Thanks to Northern Rail Matt, Deputy Chairman George display boards were available at the Spring Fayre organised by Fr Gott and his Church of the Good Shepherd. Thanks also to Calderdale Small Grants for their support.

These photos show how local artists will be showing their skills in the coming months.

15 spring-v140510v1020915-1

15 spring-v140510v1020916-2










15 spring-v140510v1020936-4

15 spring-v140510v1020921-3










15 spring-v140510v1020937-515 spring-v140510v1020939-6


15 spring-v140510v1020946-7


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